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Home office přináší problém sladění pracovního a osobního života | 09.06.2020

O úspěšné sladění pracovního a osobního života, tak, aby jedno nezasahovalo do druhého a nikdo neměl pocit, že šidí rodinu ani práci, se snaží většina zaměstnanců. Aktuální pandemie, kvůli které se zdržujeme více doma, ukázala, jak oblast work-life balance může být obtížná.


Private banking in the Czech Republic: Dream and Reality | 30.10.2013

I have a dream. I am in a limousine, pulling up to an ancient building where a porter in livery welcomes me onto a red carpet. He takes my keys and his colleague escorts me to the entrance. The massive old doors, decorated with gold, open smoothly by themselves and I enter a beautiful foyer, where I am carefully watched by guards in fancy uniforms. I walk up the stairs, where I am welcomed by a stunning young lady in an Armani suit, who leads me to a luxurious, very expensively furnished room. Apart from her beauty and charm, I also admire paintings by Monet and Dali. Then her velvety yet high professional voice says: “Would you like to perform an annual review of your money and investments at our bank?” I ease myself into a comfortable recliner and don’t even think about how many wealthy “backsides” have sat in it before. “Yes,” I answer. At that moment, her lovely assistant appears in the door to offer me refreshments. I order Dom Perignon, vintage 1989. I always have it. The year 1989 was the start of my successful life that brought my millions, which is why they treat me like this. Otherwise, they could be quite indifferent to me. But I have those millions, and they are the “gods”. The “gods” that ensure this luxury, their expensive suits and shoes and billions in profits for their institution from wealthy people like myself. A huge monitor slides down from the ceiling and our review begins. Following a two-hour assessment and two bottles of Dom Perignon, her assistant comes to bid me farewell, dressed likewise in an Armani suit (must be the company’s dress code), and I depart for my limousine perfectly satisfied. Everybody is smiling at me, but in my spirit I am smiling the most. I am richer again by several million…. Does this seem like an impossible dream to you? You probably immediately recall the premises where you perform annual reviews of your own wealth. Most likely, you are not aggressive enough towards your financial institutions and they think their premises are sufficient and classy enough. Tell them out loud what you want. Enough dreaming though, back to reality.